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Posted by Emanhattan - June 20th, 2009

hi fellas

Im a few hours away from taking a pretty damn long trip to a u.s.a near you.
I have never traveled to another country on my own and altough im kinda scared, I am excited about all this. its a weird sensation.

Im packing up as Im typing this. As I realize Im missing a lot of socks and underwear I cant help but think all the stuff Im going to learn going there. Im going to Seattle for some days to see the city, learn a bit about animation and probably meet a cool Ng associate and friend too who has threatened me to kick my ass in brawl when we meet. Im going to stay in a house with a buncha dudes Ive never in my life talked with. I hope they dont mind a tall mexican called "PANCHO RAMIREZ GUTIERREZ" amongst their leagues.

There are so many things going trough my mind right now. I graduated from (preparatoria) high school about a month ago and I still dont know what the fuck am I going to do with my life... Where to study... what to study, what do I want... or not. Its just so many hard decisions to make in such little time.
And I always knew this was coming but I just always wanted to postpone this toughts, try no to think about it. Its something weird. Its like a younger (and Ng associate) animator told me "I dont want to think about the future, all I want to do is just let me be me, and do little thingies :3" it is so fun to just make stuff for Ng and not feel compromised or forced to do it.
I dunno.....

In other news, my power of threesome thing is coming along nicelly. It is a bit time consuming but Im pretty sure It will pay off. I wanted to show you a pic but to be honest so far all I have is characters,ideas and sketches. and some of the actual game art and interfase will probably be replaced later on.

Well. Im pretty much done with this post.
wish me luck!

.p.s. god dammit america how can you guys live without alcohole until 21 dammit WHAT AM I GOING 2 DO.


Posted by Emanhattan - June 6th, 2009

Hey everyone! how are you doing today?

I oficially graduated a few weeks ago. the last 2 weeks I have been partying like crazy! it has been loads of fun.

I have been working on flash a lot lately. Mainly on my power of 3 projects!

yes. 2 in fact!

One of my projects is a fighting cartoony adventure game wich im pretty sure has some of the toughest animation (like 90% fbf) I have ever done.

My team members in this team are great and we are truly excited of how it is coming out. I have done a lot of conceptual art and animation to get us working on this faster and better. The rest of the teams betta look out! we are

Short-factor: Long time asociate and friend Short factor is also a musician with an aditional eye for animation and he is helping me do a lot of the graphics for this game.
Doomsday-one: We were truly lucky to get back in touch with this awesome programmer. Seriously.
Emanhattan: the mexican who drinks tequila and doesnt really work at all

My other team are some really nice rascals and it is fun to talk and work with them. Ive had quite a few lols thinking up the game with them and the idea is really charming and original. lets just say It will split your mind in two!. We are

Almightyhans: really cool animator and artist who injects a lot of creativity and awesomeness into this project!
Paperbat:he deals with the boring task of coding the game! Thank god people like him that enjoy homework exist! XOXO
Emanhattan:que esque es el tipo que ayuda a hans a hacer dibujitos

expect a lot of great stuff from us soon!

I have to say Im sort of disapointed about myself because of my flash work this year. I have a lot of cool stuff Im working on (personal projects) but that pretty much takes years in the making because I am learning a lot about drawing and animating as I go and I never like the result once it is done, so I erase scenes, simbols and redesign characters and backgrounds. I want to be GREAT. I really do but my skill is still in baby steps and It isnt as easy for me to release as many movies as I did last year.

I wish I had finished my vodoo doll cartoon a few months back as well as some of my short toons I had prepared. But the idea of making a game with all these awesome dudes is so tempting and insanely cool that I must restst and wait! I actually like this state of being busy because now If I get tired about a project I can work on another one meanwhile. I have a bit more flexibility and this is definitely better that having no ideas or cartoons to work on. Im just like that

I will be going to Washington state in a few days to check out some really pimp animation school. It will be interesting.

Adios Camaradas!

my teams for EL PODER DE TRES

Posted by Emanhattan - May 11th, 2009

Hey there fellas.

Im just one final away from finishing high school. Im really excited and scared at the same time

It feels weird to know My life is going to make a drastic change soon. I have got so used to just live based on a system, wake up, go to school, back home, animate a bit, party on weekends and again and again and again,...

I will quite probably leave my town and study animation somewhere in my country but the truth is I don´t really know If I want to. I want to study animation in U.S.A. but it is not like Ive got the dough and the complete approval of my family to do this. And... you know. its just not the same thing.

Plus...most teachers here do not have any idea how a cartoon is made. Most universities in Mexico are just a lot of paperwork and word documents and little or nule learning. Most of the universities I have considered believe 2d animation is dead and that the future belongs to 3d animators. for this reason, most of the 3d animators I have met that try to use a 2d program, as flash, are not nearly as good as they should be, and logically they don´t have the same effectiveness in 3D itself because they did not learn the foundations of animation. Thing is you need to know how to animate 2d before jumping to 3D or you will allways suck.

This "3D only" way of thinking is one of the many things I dislike about animation schools here, and animation in general in Mexico.

the latin american animation industry is like every other product that comes out of here. mediocre.
Its always really sad for me to see that some of the most lazyly made flash shorts are refered to as "animation" even tough there is probably not a single bit of animation in them.

My favorite example is this abomination of a flash cartoon series that is transmited in MTv here.

I dont think the author of this horrible things has never in his life taken a pencil in his hand and touched a paper with it.

/* */
oh lmao look I found some of it here in ng.


I cant believe this guy used to get payed to do these things.
It is transmitted sometimes on a segment called "animasivo" wich means 30% or more of the content consists of tweens having conversations.

Other example (not transmitted in mtv) is this live sitcom transformed into a cartoon that I dont know If I like or not.


/* */

/* */
But not everything is lost.
This is probably the most ambitious animation project Ive seen produced by a latin american animation company. It is basically derived of a mexican testicle joke wich was later on transformed into some sort of"entertainment for the whole family" thing. it looks ok I guess I will probably give it a shot sometime.

/* */
One of the things I really dislike about mexican tv is the tendency to completely rip off ideas from shows from other countries. Ever seen American idol? We had LA ACADEMIA. Ever seen David letherman, we have "es de noche y ya llegue" (you are suposed to look for these things in google to compare them because I dont want to embed 4 aditional videos here).
Animationwise we also stole the concept of "Vh1 ILL-ustrated". but we say puta and pendejo isntead of bitch and asshole and we do it a lot more than you fine folks will ever do

/* */
Anyway If I ever get some sort of job In the animation industry, no... If I ever get to ANIMATION SCHOOL I really hope it is in united states because around these parts I dont like what I see no sireee.

Sorry this is just me venting


Now that Ive stopped my ferocius bitching there is something I want to add

Ive been considering to postpone this long project of mine and make some short cartoons for a while. I´ve been wanting to work on something different for a month or so. Its been a while since I actually submitted something I worked more than a day on anyway.

The good news is Now ive got a lot more time, and skill I didnt have before, to work on these things, so lets see how it goes.

oh and dont forget to have your dayly dose of funnies!!! YUMMY!

Latin american animation

Posted by Emanhattan - May 7th, 2009

Posted by Emanhattan - May 4th, 2009

I had nothing to do

Joana dark girl.jpg

Posted by Emanhattan - April 27th, 2009

Hello there

As you probably know already there is a massive swine flu pandemic around. Mainly in Mexico and a small part of other southern countries.

I KNOWthere is not a lot of chance of getting sick of this but here I go

I live in one of the 5 cities in Mexico with the biggest probability of getting sick of this flu because the origin of the sickness is Mexico D.F. (the capital) and in my town we were celebrating a Feria, the biggest brewery for an entire month. where a lot of people from around the country, specially people from the capital, come to visit and to party....

so...about 2 people (WOW WHAT A MENACE) have been confirmed to die due to sickness in this city during the past few days. Clubs,Schools and other stablishments have been temporarly closed.

Its really bad. You really are encouraged to avoid contact between people because apparently scientists dont know if this is transmitted from direct contact or if it is airborne,etc.

So if you live around, dont be such a douchebag, wear surgical mask just in case. Take precautions. we dont want any of you fine folks turning into hungry zombies haha.


Ive been practicing some stuff with 3D program maya and I have to say it is really nice. I basically only did some poligons but it was good to try something new out never the less. I hope I get to work more on it later!

Since I dont have school and there is practically nothing to do this weekend (even cinemas and shoppiing malls were closed)I will try to progress as much as I can on this flash of mine Ive been doing since november....

There are times I have a scene finished and I completely erase it because it doesnt really match what I have in my mind. And I dont mind erasing them but it does consume a lot of time.
Its weird. You could see the movie and you would reallize my style has improved a lot since I started because the general quality and line consistency is better in the last frames Im working in than in the beginning.
I hope I can kill this project in 2 weeks. Lets see what happens.

See you later!


Swine flu

Posted by Emanhattan - April 15th, 2009

this kid looves his chickin


Posted by Emanhattan - March 23rd, 2009

First things first. Lmfao

/* */
Hey there. how are you?

I just finished a flash for a zelda collab I had been working in since, I dont know... september 2008? It isnt even a long ass cartoon, it´s just something I started for fun and then got lazy about it and started other flashes. happens a lot.

Oh well. the good news its it is finished, and now I can move on to my really long-ass solo project now.

I think this zelda short will most probably be the last parody I will do in quite a long time, I guess I just got tired of the thing.... I want to animate and draw characters completely of my own, try new styles of animation and have loads of fun creating these little things.

In other news....

I turned 18 last thursday! :) Now I can do shit I couldnt before and Im happy about it! I saw couple of old friends and we had a copuple of tequilas tacos and burritos it was fun :)

Some cool friends from around the site even made this beautiful masterpiece! Im really happy guys :D I loooooooove this little thing hahaha.

My friends lmaoed a looooot more than I did because of the excess of man genitalia i msut say

I guess thats it for the day dudes!

that being said...





Posted by Emanhattan - February 4th, 2009

on that flashy flash thing of mine.

I havent touched that fla. in ages.

Not significant advance for a frontpage post tough :(






Posted by Emanhattan - December 25th, 2008

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