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Latin american animation

Posted by Emanhattan - May 11th, 2009

Hey there fellas.

Im just one final away from finishing high school. Im really excited and scared at the same time

It feels weird to know My life is going to make a drastic change soon. I have got so used to just live based on a system, wake up, go to school, back home, animate a bit, party on weekends and again and again and again,...

I will quite probably leave my town and study animation somewhere in my country but the truth is I don´t really know If I want to. I want to study animation in U.S.A. but it is not like Ive got the dough and the complete approval of my family to do this. And... you know. its just not the same thing.

Plus...most teachers here do not have any idea how a cartoon is made. Most universities in Mexico are just a lot of paperwork and word documents and little or nule learning. Most of the universities I have considered believe 2d animation is dead and that the future belongs to 3d animators. for this reason, most of the 3d animators I have met that try to use a 2d program, as flash, are not nearly as good as they should be, and logically they don´t have the same effectiveness in 3D itself because they did not learn the foundations of animation. Thing is you need to know how to animate 2d before jumping to 3D or you will allways suck.

This "3D only" way of thinking is one of the many things I dislike about animation schools here, and animation in general in Mexico.

the latin american animation industry is like every other product that comes out of here. mediocre.
Its always really sad for me to see that some of the most lazyly made flash shorts are refered to as "animation" even tough there is probably not a single bit of animation in them.

My favorite example is this abomination of a flash cartoon series that is transmited in MTv here.

I dont think the author of this horrible things has never in his life taken a pencil in his hand and touched a paper with it.

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oh lmao look I found some of it here in ng.


I cant believe this guy used to get payed to do these things.
It is transmitted sometimes on a segment called "animasivo" wich means 30% or more of the content consists of tweens having conversations.

Other example (not transmitted in mtv) is this live sitcom transformed into a cartoon that I dont know If I like or not.


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But not everything is lost.
This is probably the most ambitious animation project Ive seen produced by a latin american animation company. It is basically derived of a mexican testicle joke wich was later on transformed into some sort of"entertainment for the whole family" thing. it looks ok I guess I will probably give it a shot sometime.

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One of the things I really dislike about mexican tv is the tendency to completely rip off ideas from shows from other countries. Ever seen American idol? We had LA ACADEMIA. Ever seen David letherman, we have "es de noche y ya llegue" (you are suposed to look for these things in google to compare them because I dont want to embed 4 aditional videos here).
Animationwise we also stole the concept of "Vh1 ILL-ustrated". but we say puta and pendejo isntead of bitch and asshole and we do it a lot more than you fine folks will ever do

/* */
Anyway If I ever get some sort of job In the animation industry, no... If I ever get to ANIMATION SCHOOL I really hope it is in united states because around these parts I dont like what I see no sireee.

Sorry this is just me venting


Now that Ive stopped my ferocius bitching there is something I want to add

Ive been considering to postpone this long project of mine and make some short cartoons for a while. I´ve been wanting to work on something different for a month or so. Its been a while since I actually submitted something I worked more than a day on anyway.

The good news is Now ive got a lot more time, and skill I didnt have before, to work on these things, so lets see how it goes.

oh and dont forget to have your dayly dose of funnies!!! YUMMY!

Latin american animation

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known to

ughh... I keep cringing at the thought that I'll have to learn how to animate in 3-D if I want an actual animation job. I'll never look at Toy Story the same again.

It will never lose its charm tough

chavo is a great success here in Brazil

and here is called the chaves

lol nice.

hes got success in mexico too

but I dont really like it.

fuck your family, do what you think is right

they pay the bills!

Chavo del Ocho was the shit.

nunca pero nunca le llames a alejo y valentina una animacion
no puedo soportar que ese aborto de de southpark, sea pasado por television

en cuanto a humor se refiere, esta en el medio,
solo porque dice groserias es gracioso
pero en la "animacion" no tiene nada bueno.

huevocartoon fue y seguira siendo lo mejor en animacion "latina"

alejo y valentina es malo como un ataque cardiaco.

eso es lo triste del asunto.

no digo que huevo cartoon sea malo, porque la verdad los disfruto pero

lo mejor? entonces nuestros estandares aun son muy bajos

quien sabe quisa el tiempo cambie las cosas

Descontrol sucked. actually every mexican animation has sucked so far.

good to see we are on the same page here LAYLO

who cares what your family says? families are for losers.

Well that sucks. Get your ass over here to America.


Me gustaa descontrol pero la segunda temporada estubo medio cagasona y creo que lo canselaron

me gusto un solo episodio la primera vez que lo vi y eso fue todo.

es maaaaaaaaaaaaalo

I think 3D has amazing potential for expressiveness that just hasnt been tapped into yet

its all about applying the principles of 2D stuff to it

Too bad everyone is lazy as fuck and motion captures everything nowadays.

the dreamworks face strikes back

Everyone steals everything.
American Idol is just a rip-off of the British Pop Idol.

But it's alright, the British stole things like The Apprentice.

Anyway, the 3D thing sucks. Hope you get into somewhere which is a lot more open about what makes a good animation.
Oh, and good luck with whatever project you're doing now.

Cool! It's VooDoo Vince! Damn good game.

really stylish too!

Well, if you can learn the skills the fact that there isn't much quality animation in your country could work out great for you. Do you have any local community tv networks where you are? If so you should try and volunteer, if not, I should take my head and shove it up my own arse.

a el loko lo blamearon unas cuentas veces en NG

no me sorprende


I like chavo del 8, but the cartoon version has a bunch horrible tweens.

Bueno, por lo menos Alejo Y Valentina era gracioso al principio.
Pero no culpes al tipo (que por cierto es argentino), él hacía las cosas por diversión despúes MTV lo contrató y bueno, bien por él.
Ah, y todavía no lo cancelaron.

At least Alejo & Valentina was funny at first.
And you don't have to blame the guy (who is argentinian, by the way). He was just making toons for fun, and MTV hired him. Good for him.
Btw, it hasn't been canceled yet.

Eso es lo que me molesta

cualquier abominacion de programa que diga "pendejo" o "puta" es instantaneamente hilarante o "hardcore" o algo asi.

Claro, una viga aqui y haya hacen mas gracioso el programa, pero en alejo y valentina no importa ni siquiera el contexto lo unico que importa es decir vigas sin importar quien o por que lo diga.

alejo y valentina used to be some kind of funny when it was only a little internet cartoon , now it sucks balls really bad

Is it weird having a movie called LA PELICULA DE HUEVOS?


I guess not.

Or does huevos only mean eggs.

I don't know what I'm talking about anymore I'm getting dizzy my pants are

Oh yeah,
You're lucky Mtv actually has content. In America it's nothing but fake reality shows about rich teenagers. But I know you're talking about animation in general so that sucks; a 2003 newgrounds series is a nationally broadcast tv show where you live. But you have to admit, although the animation was bad the cartoon itself wasn't HORRIBLE.

Good luck with everything.

a)haha well let me explain. eggs is huevos in spanish, and huevos seem to be the new word for "testicles". so yeah you actually got it right.

b)those tv shows about rich stupid teenagers are transmitted here too.

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