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But seriously, stay healthy.

You've got a nice pic there in the middle; the shading is pretty good, and I really like the detail too, especially on the hands and jeans.
I think the head needs slightly darker lines, in order to give it more definition and, well, 'harshness'? If you get what I mean.
Anyway, is that the kind of art style you're going for in your Flash?

not so much. I want the main character´s body to remain consistent thru all the animation and Im not ready for animating something like the characters I draw on paper.

dont upload any shitty flashes, it probably has swineflu all over it

like you are my dad or something

Yo creo que no seria tan malo si no estuviera rodeada por un aura de misterio y duda acerca de como se transmite. espero que acabe pronto...

Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con la ultima oracion.

Actually there been more than 90 confirmed deaths since sunday.

I live in Cancun and they just canceled classes and some weird quarantine shit is being pulled off around the city.

I can picture that.

stay healthy i do not have it i hope you do not to :C

Well you could always throw your own party at home.

Cuidate hermano. Aca en Nuevo León también esta gacha la cosa y se espera que esto pase dentro de 8 semanas! :S

mira el lado bueno no hay clases yaHU

Well i got the symptoms going to doctor today :(

I live in Texas, pretty much my entire school is sick now, I'm fine, but I see kids passing out in the hallways, moaning, coughing, it's like I'm in a zombie school.

I hope everyone dies.

catoblepas you are a meanie

I live in SoCal
and we've had some Swine flu going around...
I'm home sick...
I hope I don't have it...
hoping its food poisoning...

Its well scary aint it?

Im just glad I live in the Uk... Apparantly theres some guy being treated for something 'similar' in London at the mo.

I hope you're doing alright, coz im like a germ freak and would prolly lock myself in my room if I was in your shoes... I'd be well scared lmao...

Bueno si pero si alguien conocido de tu familia muere ya no es tan bueno, ademas te encuentras en el foco de infección de la gipe porcina, asi que eres muy vulnerable. En pocas palabras, esto resultó ser bueno y malo.

Par el que dijo que son 90 muertos, en realidad son 125 hasta ahora lunes

I probably am, Ive fucked quiet a few of your people. so you never know.

on a lighter note Im eating porkgrinds.

arent you like 38 years old?

What would your mommy say If I showed her this delicious comment?

Stay safe.
And I agree, I want CN back.

Stay strong soldier.

Acaban de confirmar un caso en Culiacán, tres en Mazatlán y otro en Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Se cancelan las clases acá también.


no mames we aca en el norte ya llego el virus. Ya se han registrado 4 muertos en mexicali y 1 enfermo que parece ser es en tijuana.

habra que esperar entre 6 meses y 2 años para que logren desarrollar una vacuna o/y posiblemente un tratamiento.

Que viva mexico.

aca en el norte

la vida sigue

a pesar de reinar la ley de el oeeeesteeee

A swine flew!?

Sure, and pigs might fly...

Porky the flying pork

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