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Emanhattan's News

Posted by Emanhattan - June 21st, 2008

After a post by chris o neal, many artists wrote stuff on his page.

one of the most respected artists in newgrounds;Rtil, wrote a comment there. and after watching the response he got, I couldnt help but writing some things to him.

I hope you share my opinion about his.

here is what I wrote to rtil a few minutes ago, please read it and comprehend it:

hello there. I just read your comment on chris O neals page.

Yes. EGORAPTOR has caused a massive flow of piece of shit animations.

he said the awesome series was over, THATS A LIE, I see more "awesome" cartoons today than before!

not only did he made a ninja gaiden padory, but also chris made another piece of shit parody of GTA.

not to mention brawl shitz.

People of this site dont spot the diference between being jealous and being sane. I am not jealous of egoraptor and those guys. and Im sure you are neither.

Its just sad that you are part of the select human population with a brain stem developed enough to notice that.

Egoraptor is a cancer amongst us. and cancers dont cure.

I see a million artists turn down every day because they dont make "awesome" cartoons or stuff thats related to videogame parodies. heck. including me. But I want out, I really want to create my own cartoons.

Its sad. REALLY sad.

well. off to make awesome cartoons. I really want frontpage. seeyas.

Wether egoraptor wanted it or not, he has become a bad example for all of us.

If you think that making videogame parodies is better than making your own stuff. fine.

Eventually you will find out that you are wrong.

- Emanhattan.

I wrote all that stuff because I was pissed off at Chris┬┤s post. I over reacted, and I was a bit rude sometimes.
hey egoraptor, if you are there reading this stuff... Im sorry man.... Its just that... I like your movies, I like them a lot, and they make me laugh. but... you really have caused a feeling of.... lazynes and selling out.
Look what you did to chris. he has now became the videogame whore no one in newgrounds wants to be. I hope you understand this one day.

An awesome world

Posted by Emanhattan - June 4th, 2008

I had a bit of free time this morning, and I Decided to check some of my favorite stuff on NG.
I updated my list of favorite music, artists and flash.Being speacially pricky with the flash part.

What you will find on my favorite FLASH list is exactly the kind of stuff I love to watch on this site, and I hope one day I become an animator good enough to make stuff like the one I like watching so much.
If you havent seen Egoraptor and tomamoto┬┤s NARUTO SUPER DUB. go watch it right in this instant.

Speaking of wich... I am very proud of myself! I finished a small zelda short today (the one I was talking about in last weeks post or so) and i gotta say (im being honest) I tought it was gonna be absolutelly horrible considering I have never done a hand-drawn flash.

I will include an image below (Yeah I know I should stick to sprites lol)

Speaking of other stuff, yeah im making a few sprite flashes here and there. some in teams, some are solo projects. but still Im directing most of my attention in making drawn flashes.

Thats it for this post folks. see you next weekend!

p.s. I know english grammar is not my friend

Updated favorite list- and other stuff

Posted by Emanhattan - May 20th, 2008

I certainly dont know but perhaps you can guess if I show you this.....

I also did a part for the sprite tv 3 collab. Maybe I will make more but plz be patient, im in the middle of 4 collabs here!

so wtf is emanhattan doing now?

Posted by Emanhattan - May 13th, 2008

thanks for the skittles n dickz reviews and all mates!

Just to let you know I just ordered my tablette! pretty soon you'll be seeing my personal artwork. I know its gonna take me lots of practice. but I really really want to step away from the sprite buisness you knwo?


p.s. mah good friend sentinel94 made a Musical masterpiece OOHYAH to this track! START DOWNLOADING IT!!!!


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