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Emanhattan's News

Posted by Emanhattan - September 30th, 2009

Ok So

School. The hours bite, but the expercience is not bad, I enter at 7 am and get out at like 5 pm just to do homework. but its all worth it. people are geekier than me and I get my ass kicked in brawl like a cambodian slut with no dignity on a dayly basis.

life is good.

lately in my moments of boredom confined in my bedroom with a 21 year old peruano, I start to watch a lot of old cartoons and movies. Recently someone reminded me of an old show called the "what a cartoon show" wich some of you probably remember.

So every day I watch one or two of those cool oldies and I tought id share some of my favorites with you.its fun how these old toons opened the doors for a lot of cartoons and animators.

this lovely thing here you all should have seen at least once is the original courage the cowardly dog pilot.

/* */
I LOOOOOOOOOVE eddie fitzgerald´s "tales of worm paranoia" . Why cant we have things like this these days? if I ever become animator president ill force all my mexican fellows to quit doing anime and force them to animate things like this

/* */
This one would later on evolve to become the family guy that exists today.Dont you think those voices seem familiar?

/* */
this is :)

/* */
This one is also good

/* */
I would make more cartoons If I wasnt watching these and trolling people all day long

oh also check out the portal for the disney collab sometime soon cuz I made a part teh

what a cartoon!

Posted by Emanhattan - September 3rd, 2009

was too long and my page took too much time to refresh so I made it simpler

Posted by Emanhattan - September 1st, 2009

Hey there
been a while

get ready for some nasty text-wallisation

So I dont know If I mentioned this before but a month ago I moved to Monterrey (here in Mexico).
I came here because the only (probably) decent animation school in Mexico is here. Its called ATLI school of art.

I feel like it is more oriented to... well.. art (art as in painting in a cavas and learning to use a lot of real life instruments) than animation tough. Im not saying this is a problem because I know that expanding your skills in a canvas you can actually touch will make your digital art and drawings much better. Problem is, Im not interested in making a living out of painting and shit. I like to MAKE cartoons, and I know I want to make cool stuff. but I dont think I have any class that is actually related to making cartoons.

my fear is that the classes in following semesters will be as distanced as this first one from cartoon making, I mean seriously theres like 70 people in my carreer and from what Ive seen only 5 make flash cartoons or cartoons in any way,heck some of the people I have met dont know how to draw at all.

And (im going to sound really gay now) I probably draw better than 80% of the people Ive seen in my classes. Most of them draw anime similar to this.(this is a very negative thing)

Now there ARE quite a few people in my school that actually make some really nice drawings. Dessuu Anime and furries , but still nicelly drawn I guess. Im probably the only person who does not worship eat dream and breathe anime in this school. If you lived in any part of Mexico, youd know what Im talking about.

my first impression before coming here was that they took the graphic design carreer then threw a couple of animation shits in there and called the carreer "digital art and animation". However, seeing some of the drawings made by students that are about to complete the carreer, I have changed my mind. Some of these guys are really skilled and talented and I love to see how they came in here with skills similar to my own at this moment.

Either way I feel like im going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun, ive only been here one month and I already feel Ive learned a lot about drawing, wich in this moment is my main concern.

Im living in an appartment near campus. sure Its hard to get away from family and friends but it is also very nice to have a place to call your own where you can just chill and walk naked. lol not really I live with 4 dudes. :/

So enough bullshit about myself already.


Vince the vodoo doll-delayed fuck you

This year could be described in one word. CANCELLED. I think I have cancelled or delayed like 4 "mayor" projects this year.

FOLLOW THE LIGHT: a cartoon I was planning to do meanwhile I finished "vince the vodoo doll" wich will never get done without me tweeing everything all gay

Both of my power of 3 games are not going to see the light of day

the first one, topsy turvy outlaw, simply got delayed and delayed because we simply werent able to take this project till the end. I feel like we did a lot of music, designed levels, gameplay, a lot of characters for nothing. Mostly I feel like its my fault. I have a lot of animation issues id like to overcome before making this game. we plan to restart the process and release it because some ideas are really good to never see life out of our computers

the second one was "split". Long story short, paperbat broke up with me for the 16th time because I told him clocks for clock day movies are not hard to draw. I dont know how hans feels about this.
I havent talked to both of them in a looooooong time now so yeh this is oficially dead. we split ways LOLZ

yeah im really disapointed with how things have come out this year.


I do have a few flashes that will come out.

On the very night I moved in here I finished my part for "close to home".A collab organized by mexifry. he has not released it yet because the group that payed us to do that music video apparently has run in a few problems in this moment and they want us to release it later. fair enough. I dont know when will he release it tough.

I also joined the disney collab. My parts coming along I guess!
It will be released realllly soon!

oh also here are my picks for the best of this month thing.

ani school/what Im up to

Posted by Emanhattan - August 18th, 2009


upcoming shit

Posted by Emanhattan - August 11th, 2009

5. metal gill awesome

8. HappyNoodle Vs SadNoodle


Im glad the (monthly) cash prizes are no longer a feature in Ng because back when they were avaliable, shitty movies still got in the top 5 of the month and mediocre work got rewarded even more.

Im sorry but this "top 2000" users voting system simply does not work!!!

Why not let the 5 or 6 sane people in Ng help with the abnormaly hard decision of picking 5 movies (like if Ng had little material submitted).

So basically what this best of the month list says is that appart from the other 4 monthly winners (from wich I only watched one), there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING better than one of the worse things I have seen in like a year????

In a nutshell, every month some really shitty/cheap movie gets in the top 5 because 80% of the people that vote are full of shit.

The June winners were a good example of this as well-a hentai movie got in the top 5 even tough the voting guidelines say they prefer movies that are "not pornographic". lol yeah right.

"our goal is to reward the most talented and deserving artists, not those who seek mass appeal"

p.s. I can live with A FEW shitty movies on the top 5 but a recicled vidoegame comedy garbage where the joke is that solid snake is a fish is just totally ridiculous. it shouldnt have even got frontpage.

k go fuck your mother son!


Posted by Emanhattan - July 24th, 2009

Hey guys! see you at comic con!

ok im kidding.... im not going :(
Ill probably go next year.

Today I have a little bitch itch to bitch this place up!

2 animations caught my eye recently

why not take away that thing thats ocuppying a spot on the frontpage and replace it with this?

I mean it makes sense right?

Just a friendly opinion!

in other news

Im also working on a lot of flashes again. I had to drop out of one of my power of 3 teams and the other game im making seems to be developing a bit slowly. Im also working on a collab with mexifry and some other folks it will be fun!
Project vince is still as half- completed as ever tho

I have a bazillion fla. files here that NEED me to work on them but im too lazy to do so.

see you around.

Digimon Hentai

Posted by Emanhattan - July 10th, 2009

Vince the vodoo doll is without a doubt my most ambicious flash cartoon in the making. Started it on late november ´08. I expected it to be released by February of 2009.

Today, after 8 months of work (and of being completely careless and lazy) I still havent finished it. I can´t believe it. Its driving me crazy.

Current completition: 55.2/102.7 seconds

Edit: August 8:

61.8 seconds

Animating sure takes time! Who'da thunkit!?FF


Posted by Emanhattan - July 6th, 2009

Why hellllo there!

2 weeks ago I went to Seattle for an animation workshop. It was fun!

I got to stay in a house with a buncha anime lovers that loved Vid3og@mes and they were actually really really nice peeps. They never were like "OGH MY GOD A MEXICAN I MUST HIDE ALL MY STUFF".
Also not to be egotistical here but my english is getting really really good! :D

Oh also my roomies forced me to watch transformers 2 holy smoeyks it was horrible!!!!

Anyway In the short time I stayed there Me and a couple o´buds from the Ng community decided to have a small meet! I got to meet Mexifryand Short- factorover the weekend. Mexifry is a really cool cat in person and was always coo. Short Factor is loads of fun. He was kind of very notorious tho! Bascially I roamed around town with these 2 lads we went to the Space needle and had shitz n giggles!

Also @ BETINO why didnt you come you turtlr fucker :( it would have been cool but your parents tought you were gonna get raped or something. Seriously man we have to try to get fawx to the next meet or something


in my moments of boredom during the rest of the weekend I browsed Ng and I found this when it wasnt on frontpage

Watching this awesome thing really made me want to finish my own. and as a result I got to work on vince the vodoo doll once more. In like, 2 days I did a progress of like 10 seconds in that 1:50 video.
And I think these 10 seconds are the most nicelly animated in the whole toon.
I guess I could say the cartoon is roughly 60% done. the missing 40% is just a bunch of meaningless sketches at the moment. but they dont really fit the story and style of the cartoon the way I want to. Ill probably work on that later.

I hope to have this cartoon done by the end of the next week but who knows im so god damn lazy


I got myself a 4 RESIDENT EVIL for the wii and I have to admit that the first day I Played it I tought it was creepy as fuckin shit.

/* */
I also did a small cartoon for someone whos really reallycool.

HERES A PIC OF THE FLASH PALS (They might post videos later)
im the one on the left, everett is the one in the right and malcom in the middle is Short f

I am ugly fukker :(

IM BACK and new cartoon soon

Posted by Emanhattan - June 20th, 2009

hi fellas

Im a few hours away from taking a pretty damn long trip to a u.s.a near you.
I have never traveled to another country on my own and altough im kinda scared, I am excited about all this. its a weird sensation.

Im packing up as Im typing this. As I realize Im missing a lot of socks and underwear I cant help but think all the stuff Im going to learn going there. Im going to Seattle for some days to see the city, learn a bit about animation and probably meet a cool Ng associate and friend too who has threatened me to kick my ass in brawl when we meet. Im going to stay in a house with a buncha dudes Ive never in my life talked with. I hope they dont mind a tall mexican called "PANCHO RAMIREZ GUTIERREZ" amongst their leagues.

There are so many things going trough my mind right now. I graduated from (preparatoria) high school about a month ago and I still dont know what the fuck am I going to do with my life... Where to study... what to study, what do I want... or not. Its just so many hard decisions to make in such little time.
And I always knew this was coming but I just always wanted to postpone this toughts, try no to think about it. Its something weird. Its like a younger (and Ng associate) animator told me "I dont want to think about the future, all I want to do is just let me be me, and do little thingies :3" it is so fun to just make stuff for Ng and not feel compromised or forced to do it.
I dunno.....

In other news, my power of threesome thing is coming along nicelly. It is a bit time consuming but Im pretty sure It will pay off. I wanted to show you a pic but to be honest so far all I have is characters,ideas and sketches. and some of the actual game art and interfase will probably be replaced later on.

Well. Im pretty much done with this post.
wish me luck!

.p.s. god dammit america how can you guys live without alcohole until 21 dammit WHAT AM I GOING 2 DO.


Posted by Emanhattan - June 6th, 2009

Hey everyone! how are you doing today?

I oficially graduated a few weeks ago. the last 2 weeks I have been partying like crazy! it has been loads of fun.

I have been working on flash a lot lately. Mainly on my power of 3 projects!

yes. 2 in fact!

One of my projects is a fighting cartoony adventure game wich im pretty sure has some of the toughest animation (like 90% fbf) I have ever done.

My team members in this team are great and we are truly excited of how it is coming out. I have done a lot of conceptual art and animation to get us working on this faster and better. The rest of the teams betta look out! we are

Short-factor: Long time asociate and friend Short factor is also a musician with an aditional eye for animation and he is helping me do a lot of the graphics for this game.
Doomsday-one: We were truly lucky to get back in touch with this awesome programmer. Seriously.
Emanhattan: the mexican who drinks tequila and doesnt really work at all

My other team are some really nice rascals and it is fun to talk and work with them. Ive had quite a few lols thinking up the game with them and the idea is really charming and original. lets just say It will split your mind in two!. We are

Almightyhans: really cool animator and artist who injects a lot of creativity and awesomeness into this project!
Paperbat:he deals with the boring task of coding the game! Thank god people like him that enjoy homework exist! XOXO
Emanhattan:que esque es el tipo que ayuda a hans a hacer dibujitos

expect a lot of great stuff from us soon!

I have to say Im sort of disapointed about myself because of my flash work this year. I have a lot of cool stuff Im working on (personal projects) but that pretty much takes years in the making because I am learning a lot about drawing and animating as I go and I never like the result once it is done, so I erase scenes, simbols and redesign characters and backgrounds. I want to be GREAT. I really do but my skill is still in baby steps and It isnt as easy for me to release as many movies as I did last year.

I wish I had finished my vodoo doll cartoon a few months back as well as some of my short toons I had prepared. But the idea of making a game with all these awesome dudes is so tempting and insanely cool that I must restst and wait! I actually like this state of being busy because now If I get tired about a project I can work on another one meanwhile. I have a bit more flexibility and this is definitely better that having no ideas or cartoons to work on. Im just like that

I will be going to Washington state in a few days to check out some really pimp animation school. It will be interesting.

Adios Camaradas!

my teams for EL PODER DE TRES