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Emanhattan's News

Posted by Emanhattan - June 14th, 2010

Is chicken run

Posted by Emanhattan - May 24th, 2010

Summary of every single Vete a la Versh episode:


¨written and animated by ffffff"

in other news here is a video of me fighting a fat person

/* */
New cartoon from me comin up in a few days but wont release until I can fp post again

the shading in Vete a la Versh makes my eyes bleed

Posted by Emanhattan - May 14th, 2010

I got my first job last weekend. My job interview went smoothly, started at 6pm being interviewed by the entire ildom Team and then having some beers and awesome kebabs later, boss´s treat. Esentially I will be working as a flash animator/artist in charge of making some sprites for the Virtual society Ildom, wich will be launched in late 2010.

Today is oficially my first day of having finished my second semester of Animation/digital arts here at ITESM. I have lately found myself in a lot of luck,I got some pretty nic grades and these last semesters I have got myself closer to people in my career/town and just trying to be more chill in general, cause really, I know I am kind of a big asshole both on and offline, but Ive been trying to just learn to be more kind with others, with outstanding results... I think the cause of my change of being and newfound umm... "perspective" of things are these 2 amazing books.

Irving Stone´s Lust for life: the life of vincent Van Gogh: is a very interesting and engaging novel-biography about the tortured but brilliant artist Vincent van Gogh, revolving around the relationship of Vincent and his brother Theo. Amazing book, beutifully told and with often memorable quotes and toughts, you should all read it.

La version en español esta chidilla tambien!

the other book I read, wich I found very tought provoking is "the four agreements". In mexico it is called "los 4 acuerdos" by Miguel Ruiz. The book is very short and I really dont want to spoil it but esentially the book is about the power of words in the human mind and how words can enslave of free a person beyond their own imagination. Generally I look at this kind of stuff and cathegorize it as bullshit, probably cause I red a lot of bullshit like this in juior high, but this book was pretty different, its been for some time now and im amazed I had never actually read it, cause I found a lot of really important truths in it and I think this book has actually had a big impact on myself and my relation with my family and friends. Easy to digest in about 3 or 4 hours. def. recommend it 2 u!

Ok puting this SHIT aside, vacations are here and now I have time to actually finish "vincent in the land of blues: a cartoon that could have been made in 4 hours but took a year and a half to made because Emanhotformen is a fucking faggot who cant just sit in his computer and finish it without feeling hungry and going to the local 7 eleven and then getting lost or simply forgetting what the fuck was he doing with flash open or maybe he just goes takin a nap OR plays team fortress 2 with these other internet people lol!".

But hey, I did make an animation in class... a sprite animation using sprites of me and some other dude! its kinda weird for me because it is simultaneously something old for me and yet learing something new and doing a kind of animation I always wanted to do. I will put it up here later.. mayb!


Im hired! and new cartoon soon!

Posted by Emanhattan - April 30th, 2010

Hey que transa
feliz dia gente de newgrounds y feliz cumpleaños a Thomas Randolph Fulp :3

No hice ni animaciones ni nada pero al menos aqui les aviso en español para que este interesante el post

ugghh amaneci con una crudota de las de antes :a

Feliz dia de tom fulp

Posted by Emanhattan - April 21st, 2010

i might get hired soon!

Its true dudes and dudettes!

Just a few hours ago I recieved an email from a contractor who liked my portfolio and now im expecting an email with the schedule of my first job interview!!

Im very excited about this, could this be my first job (in my field)???

I have been able to see a glimpse of what they want me to do. Basically, if I get the job, i will be part of the production of a game/app for facebook and twitter. The game is kinda like a MMORPG except facebook/twitter based. I was only able to see a beta of it but I think it works with a similar mechanic as facebook (where you have credits and your friends can stay in touch with you and stuff like that).
Not being a very facebooky feller myself I still need to get more in touch with facebook and twitter these days so I can perform my job effectively.

Apparently I would work mainly on the visual aspects of the game, tough i dont know if i will have other duties. I hope they give me some good ol $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Speaking of $$ and $$$$$$$$ and being a sellout, I will aditionally be open for comissions real soon! I have always been a bit shy about it, but Im in the middle of a (kinda) economical situation right now and need to bring more money in.Plus im savin up for a very special series of trips I plan to do next summer.

I will shortly give more detailed information and set more contact methods trough deviantart and other sites, Ng included, just in case.

FLASH & arts

i dont know if you have noticed lately but I have been shying away from flash animation to focus on my digital and traditional artwork. Theres a small share of it here in Ng but mostly im putting them up on my deviantart. This means some of my older projects have been postponed a while longer. Vince the voodoo doll is near completition. i can mostly only work on it if I a)feel REALLY inspired b) have REALLY nothing better to do.

I have been taking quite a few "NUDEPEOPLE" classes to learn about the human body n stuff. I think this sounds cliche but It has actually helped me break away from a lot of my bad drawing habits.
I have to put this in words and admit it. So far, my carreer here at ITESM has actually been better than Id like to admit. There are some people with wicked talent in this place.
I have quite a few classmates who had never drawn in their lives until they came here and some of them already kick my butt at it. I think it has something to do with being "new" to this. As oposed to me,I have been repeating certain mistakes for years and I have a few unintentional cartooning habits by now. But I try to break away from those habits and its slowly paying off.
Plus most of the classmates I didnt like as mentioned in earlyer posts are long gone (or maybe i just notice them less?).

Either way Im just lettin you know Im not dead! I even submitted somethingto the art portal a few hours ago.

this post has been too nice I should probably say I hate a few Ng people but I have been a bit more distant from this site lately, so tell me whats new?

I might get hired soon

Posted by Emanhattan - March 31st, 2010

I havent done any new cartoons or progressed on any current ones all I do is play videgames all the time and everyday.

My parents say that its melting my brain just because i cant remember my name
I just wanna play videogames all the time and every day

just wanna play



wanna play


all the time

and everyday

i did a small sculpture of me btw

How to train your butt

Posted by Emanhattan - March 22nd, 2010

Whos goin

Posted by Emanhattan - March 13th, 2010

I knwo its only been like a fookin year and a half since I started this but omg omg i think I have actually found the inspiration necessary to finish it holey shit I cant wait to finish it and submitt it and see how everyone ignores it anyway for those who care i uploaded something i made yesterday in my Devianrrta account ok thanks bye

http://emanhattan.deviantart.com/art/V ince-run-thing-157061152

P.S. hey it looks like im going to comic con this year whos with me

EDIT: changed "vodoo" to "voodoo" because lenko made me feel stupid

Vince the voodoo doll (workin)

Posted by Emanhattan - March 5th, 2010

hey br0s whatcha doin!

hey thar

Posted by Emanhattan - February 28th, 2010

is an internet cartoon about peopl who make funny things