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Posted by Emanhattan - December 8th, 2010

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Posted by Emanhattan - November 12th, 2010

Que tal mis camaradas!

I feel a bit guilty for not making as many flash cartoons as I hope I could these days. I have a lot of ideas in my mind but I dont have the skill and time to make them. I do believe I have improved the quality of my artwork over the past year, and it is a shame I dont have the time to apply what I have learned in more cartoons.

It ocurred to me that one of the main reasons why I never finish anything is because with most of the projects I´d like to take on, I plan to make them about 2 or 3 minutes long. (It takes me about an hour to finish half a second of animation, but it´s the planning of it all that I spend most time on.)
I think if I tried to go for shorter cartoons, I could be able to produce more stuff. But I like cartoons that are slightly long. Specially now that I have a weakness for music videos...

I realized recently that my most "sucessful" cartoon is a shitty winnie the pooh parody (?) wich I made in 2 hours while being drunk. On the other hand, a different project in wich I spent a lot of tought and effort on wasnt nearly as successful (and it was also shit, but it was shit I cared about).

So my big question is, what do you guys prefer to see? Personally, and this is not intended to offend anyone, I dont like most of the animations I see in the newgrounds frontpage. Ocasionally I do find something that keeps me entertained for a few minutes but Id like to at least be able to contribute the site with a cartoon like the one I would like to see even If I wasnt a flash animator. And that at the same time produce something that can please that niche of people who also don´t like what they are seeing right now.

Right now I want to make something that can get more viewer´s attention, but without sacrificing my artistic freedom. In other words, I dont want to make "successful" shit cartoons just to get some attention. I want to make something that both the community can enjoy and that I can enjoy, both making and watching.

So what would you guys like to see? let me tell you what I would like to see, I am really into music, specially jazz and electronica, and recently it ocurred to me it would kick ass to see an animated video for Breakbot´s awesome remix of Yuskek´s Extraball. Wich will most probably be my next cartoon. It´s already in "the works" wich is mostly a pile of swf scraps testing stuff I want to apply in it. Right now Im trying to learn all of the stuff I can so that I can make this cartoon look and play exactly like I want to.

Stay tuned lads

Also wat do you guys think about

What are YOU looking for in a flash cartoon?

Posted by Emanhattan - October 18th, 2010

Ive recieved quite a few messages from people asking me about that last negative review I got deleted in YOU KNOW WHAT
im putting this here because maybe that will solve a few of your questions about my positions towards hulalaoos cartoons all at once. I do not plan to talk about this or write another review for his cartoons again cause it is obvious he will never improve or listen.

that being said, enjoy.

This message is to inform you that the following review, which you left for Madness Confliction on 9/23/10 at 10:44:35 PM, has been deleted:

Score: 2 / 10
Summary: Animation
Review: is not about movement
its about life!!!! its about acting!!
It doesnt matter if its a cat, a man, or a limbless gray dude who uses a gun and a sword to fight a clown with magical powers and shit, its still important that you focus on the PERFORMANCE.
animation means giving anima, a soul, a personality, to our characters, and then use our drawing to give that performance. A performance that our audience will believe and enjoy so much that they will actually believe we are seeing living characters, and forget theyre just drawings. And the only way to translate this "life" into our animation, is by the use and knowledge of 2 concepts: "weight" and "force".
when a sword contacts a heavy object like the clowns staff moving moving at a relativelly fast speed. it does not magically create a random splat of filtered "light" over it. then magically teleport nearby.
When a character does a "BIG JUMP" and lands on the ground he doesnt just contact the floor like a ballerina, with a controlled and stiff recoil.
THERE IS a reason why animators take so much time drawing and practicing poses and acting out their animations. its because this way they can give out a performance that feels real no matter how insane the fantasy world they want us to believe in is.
This is precissely the thing I dont like about all of your animations so far. they are too damn focused on style over substance, they are not believable. this isnt necessarily a bad thing but your style is not based on any sort of real action. its a charicature of other cartoons you have seen. youre trying to imitate life from other imitations of life. And it honestly looks like crap.


An animator can take a lot of liberties with fast action (but I do think you were more reserved with fast action this time than usual, and im pretty sure you are aware that your slower motions are lacking, probably because you are suffering burnout for doing too much fast action) but still, try to keep an eye on your masses instead of just randomly drawing them because you think you can away with it because "the action is fast"

all that being said

for the love of god arent you bored of this????
every single one of your cartoons looks and plays exactly the same
its the same "no storyline" scenes with boring ass characters, uninteresting poses and overall a bad presentation. They look rushed. and the pencil tool aint helpin either.
if you tried to put up a demo reel out of all the cartoons youve done you would realize you have abused and exhausted every trick in your hat.

The only good thing I can say of about this is that it at least tells a story. yeah hank kills the clown with a weird mutant arm woo! some of your effects with filters actually look decent when used in lasers. but ive seen you use filters to accentuate how light bounces in certain objects before. Dont do that.

Do yourself a big favor: get a sketchbook and draw stuff you see in your life.
draw draw draw until your eyeballs fall down and then draw some more!
this anime shit is not going to help you out if you want to reach out for a serious carreer in animation.

this..".anime"... is your cartoon rabbit formula

"...this formula for drawing cartoon rabbits payed off, so in the end he couldnt change the tragic habits this cartoon rabbits formula made"

good luck

p.s. and this has nothing to do with your bad animation/drawing/filmaking habits. quit making shitty cartoons every time you can get some money out of it from a newgrounds holiday.
I suspect thats the only reason you make cartoons at all.

Posted by Emanhattan - October 2nd, 2010

man I miss fuckin mexicans. I miss going to drink with my homies and dancing with the ladies and partyn all night long. I miss a 18 yr old drinking age!
dont get me wrong americans are very very very chill and nice and everyone has been really cool to me BUT there is little to no partyin in the northwest.

I feel kinda sad about it really :<

what do you people do for fun thats not going into the internet and playing games? I AM A MAN WHO LIKES HIS DRINKS COLD HIS BITCHES HOT AND HIS NIGHTS LONG I CANT JUST PLAY TF2 FOREVER I NEED SOMETHING HARD COUR YA HEARD



A lot of people sent me angry PMS over a (now deleted) review I made in hulalaoos horrible madness movie (btw I still think it should not had won! but Im still not suprised it did). People calling me out with the usual "id like you see do BETTAR" or "well he knows flash u dont" (not realizing Ive actually done quite a few flash animations). But most people seemed to emphasise one thing: apparently I hate all flash cartoons in this site!
most of you guys call me out because I bitch a lot about people I dont like and because I write negative critique on bad cartoons, However, if you pay close attention to my reviews youll probably notice I like a lot of the stuff I see in Ng.

niga plez

Homesick+ Do I hate everything?

Posted by Emanhattan - September 19th, 2010

Posted by Emanhattan - September 11th, 2010

During my first week of living here I was having a blast. I feel like i fit a lot in this environment, and me and my roomies get along very nicelly. One of them is like my best bud around here. And my artwork has been getting a lot more better, and FUN. and I can work a lot more in a space that gives me a lot of freedom, time, and quiet.

But I cant help but feeling upset. And its not exactly that Im feeling homesick.

What I have come to realize lately is that I never truly valued the time I spent with some people back home and now that Im here I realized that a lot of friendships will end and there are a lot of people that I like that Im never going to see again.
I have always felt like a jerk for being unable to emotionally relate myself to people and for being a bit too careless about people who I love. I am a nice guy and I dont think im socially akward, but Im not a social butterfly. For me, hangin out with a few select people I TRULY care about is more important than having a bunch of friends who you can drink and party with.
But I like to experiment new things to get along with more people, specially now that Im out of Mexico and I feel like I have to be extra open minded about other peoples life habits.

I have been living out of my hometown for nearly 2 years now, moving from place to place, basically changing lives, styles, groups of friends, and clothing. Now, in adition to those things, I am changing my language.

I feel....terribly upset about not having someone to speak spanish with (outside of the internet). I had never tought this would be a problem but It actually is something I miss a lot. I think its because it sort of disconnects me a bit more from my roots than I want to.
I think im subconciously trying not to appear "mexican" to other people, in a way. Im not talking about denying the stereotype, but I fear people will reject and fear me because I was raised in a different cultural environment. I dont want to deny this part of myself to fit in better with people. EVEN TOUGH I AM AN EXPERT IN DOING THESE KIND OF CHANGES to fit in wherever I go.

I dont know where I belong anymore. Everyone in the world that I know of, knows a different me

Posted by Emanhattan - August 30th, 2010

Hey Ng crew n folks whats up

about a week ago I moved to Seattle, Washington (im living with a friend). Decided to drop out of ITESM (btw ill bitch and whine about why I quit that school in one of my future posts. I dont want other aspiring mexican artists to fall for it). I got accepted in a school called digipen in redmond wich charges me about the same ammount I was being charged for at ITESM, except im convinced the education is nfinitelly superior. Luckily enough I got a scholarship that can allow me to do this move at this time (I hope the economy doesnt fuck up even more later on). It was a very hard decision for me but I think eventually Ill be pretty happy with what I did. Even though its kinda hard to say goodbye to family and good friends, I still feel that this move will help me achieve my goals. But I am glad to say americans in this zone are pretty chill with mexicans :) theres a lot of cultural diversity in this part of the united states, and from the 3 times Ive been here Ive never felt... "different" or "offended" so to speak.

Quoting my bud rtil"Hey man this aint arizona we love our illegals here!" lmao rtil


I hate when people pay some "special attention" to me, in both a good or bad way. A very nice lady on a bus was talking to me not too long ago and asked me if we had spongebob in Mexico :/
Idk people take some special interest in me because I was raised in a different community.
When I tell most people I was born in mexico they wonder why am I not wearing a sombrero and ask themselves where in my clothes am I hiding my machete.

(Speaking about machetes... Im kinda excited about Rob Rodrigues´upcoming movie "Machete".If you liked Grindhouse (grindhouse being Death proof + Planet terror) youll probably also enjoy this.)

/* */
but back on topic...

I think that my art has been significanly more productive/better/more fun since I moved. You know sometimes you just need a quiet place to work! and My house in Mexico is reallycrowdy and noisy and the phones dont stop ringing. Its bad for art and bad for my nerves and its just ffff so as you can imagine im kinda in my place of ZEN right now.
Ive been working a lot on my sketchbooks doing as many cartoon designs and life drawings as possible. I think art-wise this has been a pretty great summer for me cuz I havent stopped drawing for months, as opossed to my last december vacations. But yeah Im drawing a LOT and Im trying to truly create the habit of drawing daily as a necessity, just like breathing air.

I havent really done a lot of stuff in flash. Once again, im trying to put animation aside until I truly feel in control of my drawing. But there are a few things ive been doing.
Hell I think ill show you some....

this is kinda gay
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c8 136714b6fd388dccff630a26332692

fanart of my favourite quentin tarantino movie
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/47 b8dd3eb39572d24e9e4320d15ef264

Eventually I will try to post some of my sketches/traditional art. unfortunatelly I didnt bring a camera with me and I dont have a scanner here :/

wish me luck at my new school/life!


Posted by Emanhattan - August 15th, 2010

Emanhattin is Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones
JonasBrothers is Jonbro

JonBro dice:
Does it have milk?
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
i dont really have milk right now
JonBro dice:
Your status says New carton soon!
I just assumed that was a carton of milk.
Sorry, carry on
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
change dat
JonBro dice:
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
dude it seriously
smells like
someone was so drunk that they died in here or somethin
JonBro dice:
That doesn't sound pleasant
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
my friends drinked so much vodka
that I tught they were turning russian
JonBro dice:
They might have, but I wouldn't know
I'm making **************************************
You and about four other people know about this now, woo
What is this new carto[o]n you are making?
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
well Im not really working on anything BIG right now but I did
make this
a few days ago
JonBro dice:
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
JonBro dice:
That looks about right
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
I have
a problem
theres so much
in my life
its like a drug
I cant even walk in the streets withut thinkin about building my sentry
here and there
to kill some scouts
this flash will pretty much be like a love letter to all things tf2
JonBro dice:
Oh really?
I thought it was mocking how obsessed people are with TF2
I guess technically it sorta is
I mean I've never played TF2 but it doesn't look as amazingly brilliant and innovative as people seem to make it out to be
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
haha its both f the things you mentioned
I do want to mock how people are obsessed with that game
but at the same time It admits that I am part of the many fans of it
I hope people enjoy it wether its fans of the game or people who HATE those fans
because its sort of directed to both of them
JonBro dice:
so you must be one of the monkey ******************************
Sounds like a fun movie that I want to watch
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
I hadnt tought of that
but Ill draw myself
as a cameo there
JonBro dice:
Also Happy Clock Day
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
is it today?
cuz I didnt make anything
JonBro dice:
August 15th, yep
I didn't either, don't worry
This year doesn't seem as wild as other years though
I mean, I stayed up late last night on accident, and I still recognized basically the exact moment it became Clock Day when browsing Newgrounds
but the portal isn't overflowing with clock entries just yt
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
lmao "wild"
JonBro dice:
>: (
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
hello we are here in newgrounds
fr the clock day
and the girls are goin WILD
*bunch of whores get naked over a strawberryclock flash"
hey we should
make that
JonBro dice:
There are different extents of 'wild'
You know that's not what I meant >: (
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
I knoow
JonBro dice:
lol I'm not making that
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
JonBro dice:
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
JonBro dice:
: O
I thought of a great idea
You could make a movie where there are all these monkey madmen who worship clock movies and-- wait never mind
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
fuk fuk fuk I hate sean kingston theres a video of him playing right now
also lol i like that idea
ill just
replace *************************
with something clock related
JonBro dice:
Your Team Fortress 2 idea would get more attention
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
most likely
man jonbro you need to like, buy this game
JonBro dice:
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
team faggots 2
JonBro dice:
I kinda like watching clock movies
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
yeah... they are somewhat weird and trippy
JonBro dice:
Somehow turning characters into fruit and object clocks gives them different abilities and personalities, and the world of clocks changes with every Flash movie
That and they're somewhat weird and trippy
Mucho trabajo para unas vacaciones dice:
im watching Newgrounds Presents: Triumph des Erdbeere
JonBro dice:
Yeah I just watched that
If you want REAAALLLY weird and trippy, watch this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

k I'm gonna go now

Eman & Jonbro discuss clock day

Posted by Emanhattan - August 4th, 2010


yESTerday I saw Disney´s last picture "The Sorcerer´s apprentice" and felt like I wanted to rant . In a single word, I would describe it as "Mediocre". The reasons why this movie (wich in some parts has some pretty creative stuff and interesting elements) sucks is because of the use of certain elements that I find simply dumb and unecessary in most bad movies that I have seen, and it seems to me like EVERY SINGLE FUCKING bad movie that you and me can think about probably includes one of these 10 filmmaking sins.

Listen up, filmmakers! Avoiding any of these 10 elements will instanly make your movie like 60% better unless you truly are a disgrace who couldnt make a decent film even if your life depended on it.


10.- CGI animals (cartoon animals) in live action films:

Why do people still insist on this??? CGI animals in live action films not only look unnatural and horrible but they also ruin the performances of the already terrible actors who have to interact with them. I think its worse when these cgi animals are antrophomorphic or based on cartoons like they are in the terrible garfield movies, not to mention the SQUEAQUEL none of wich will I ever see. its ugly, its irritating, and overall pissess everybody the fuck off


/* */
Worst offender of this crime: the squeaquel

9.- Referencing the internet:

-Heh! I could sell that on ebay and talk in my facebook about it lol!
dont you just fuckin hate it when someone says something like that or when they are browsing facebook IN THE MOVIE? I mean come on we all have enough internet gayness in our lives already.

8.- Referecing/paroding the matrix:

self explanatory. We get it, you have seen the matrix like everyone else YOU ARE NOT BEING FUNNY you idiot. that joke stopped being funny after the first shrek movie and it wasnt that funny then anyway.

7.- A fat black lady screaming at a black man

fuckfuckfuck thats like my aaaaaaaaa

/* */
6.- Product placement in dialogue
really, obvious prodct placement is already a slap in the face for viewers but if you have to verbally let the world know about a prduct to finance your shitty movie then you really need to rethink your carreer
skip to 5:45 FUCK YOU

/* */

/* */
5.-Using drugs to dodge plot holes
seiously you fuckin suck. you cant think of a better way to explain to the audience the MAGICAL AND ADVENTOUROUS events that occur in the raging pile of crap that your movie is so your only explanation is a blackout caused by drugs or food poisoning? fuckin fuck you man you have no imagination, what are you doing in the filmmaking industry if you dont like telling a story???? I think the worst offender in this category is tom cruise´s recent Knight and day movie.

I could not find a decent knight and day video to explain this phenomena but to make it clear enough Cameron diaz spends like 20% of the movie in blackout mode and the story pretty much flows magically as her unconcious body travels the world with tom cruise with a few glimpses of what is actually happening

4.- The "Christian Bale" Disease

You will probably fnd this rare defect in most anime series/movies. If you have seen any of the recent batman films you will notice christian bale´s interpretation of batman´s personality is reduced to his "misteriously deep tuff guy voice". What a better way to give personality to a character than to make him say every dialogue with that interest and tone of speech. If you have seen Princess mononoke you will eventually percieve batman´s voice.

I wanted to show ya a video about it but every single fucking video in youtube is embed protected.

3.- Socially retarded kid´s love interest story becoming REAL
This is a problem common in most live action disney/family films and precisely what I didnt like about The sorcerer´s apprentice. I cant think of a movie that can possibly benefit from this film element unless it is key to the plotline.

2.- Fart jokes

1.- The idiotic Dance Scene
I cant find decent videos anywhere on the fucking internet all I want is for you to realize dance scenes that have nothing to do with the main storyline are fucking terrible and no movie could probably benefit from it but never was this more true than in this upcoming movie wich will probably have all of the other things I have mentioned combined

/* */