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I might get hired soon

Posted by Emanhattan - April 21st, 2010

i might get hired soon!

Its true dudes and dudettes!

Just a few hours ago I recieved an email from a contractor who liked my portfolio and now im expecting an email with the schedule of my first job interview!!

Im very excited about this, could this be my first job (in my field)???

I have been able to see a glimpse of what they want me to do. Basically, if I get the job, i will be part of the production of a game/app for facebook and twitter. The game is kinda like a MMORPG except facebook/twitter based. I was only able to see a beta of it but I think it works with a similar mechanic as facebook (where you have credits and your friends can stay in touch with you and stuff like that).
Not being a very facebooky feller myself I still need to get more in touch with facebook and twitter these days so I can perform my job effectively.

Apparently I would work mainly on the visual aspects of the game, tough i dont know if i will have other duties. I hope they give me some good ol $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Speaking of $$ and $$$$$$$$ and being a sellout, I will aditionally be open for comissions real soon! I have always been a bit shy about it, but Im in the middle of a (kinda) economical situation right now and need to bring more money in.Plus im savin up for a very special series of trips I plan to do next summer.

I will shortly give more detailed information and set more contact methods trough deviantart and other sites, Ng included, just in case.

FLASH & arts

i dont know if you have noticed lately but I have been shying away from flash animation to focus on my digital and traditional artwork. Theres a small share of it here in Ng but mostly im putting them up on my deviantart. This means some of my older projects have been postponed a while longer. Vince the voodoo doll is near completition. i can mostly only work on it if I a)feel REALLY inspired b) have REALLY nothing better to do.

I have been taking quite a few "NUDEPEOPLE" classes to learn about the human body n stuff. I think this sounds cliche but It has actually helped me break away from a lot of my bad drawing habits.
I have to put this in words and admit it. So far, my carreer here at ITESM has actually been better than Id like to admit. There are some people with wicked talent in this place.
I have quite a few classmates who had never drawn in their lives until they came here and some of them already kick my butt at it. I think it has something to do with being "new" to this. As oposed to me,I have been repeating certain mistakes for years and I have a few unintentional cartooning habits by now. But I try to break away from those habits and its slowly paying off.
Plus most of the classmates I didnt like as mentioned in earlyer posts are long gone (or maybe i just notice them less?).

Either way Im just lettin you know Im not dead! I even submitted somethingto the art portal a few hours ago.

this post has been too nice I should probably say I hate a few Ng people but I have been a bit more distant from this site lately, so tell me whats new?

I might get hired soon

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i updated mafia wars hire me,,

when was the last time you saw your boy eman makin it

Nice Toyota.


Congrats! Sounds like a sweet job you got there.
Perhaps, if you're really lucky, that game will get really popular and you'll get loads of money and people like me will have another Facebook game to rant about. That'd be great.

im glad you commented here, I think what helped me nail this was that I told my contractor a bit about our power of 3 game, showed him some of my unused sprites/etc and he was very impressed, i also showed him a link to your Ng page telling him you were one of my associates :)

im even making some XNA experiments with those sprites for my programming class and Im like omg how did we let this die

casualty or divine inspiration has made myself remember we were making this
I really hope we get back together to work on that in a near future mate

Haha, that's great!
But a link to my page? I feel really self-conscious now! I haven't got anything interesting up there!

Yeah, your sprites for the Po3 game were pretty awesome :)
It'd be great to get back to it, especially since I'm close to finally being done with school.

I know, i hope we can revive the spirit for this project

nice work, everyone here at NG wish you the best man.

just remember dont forget us little people!

lol dont worry in my priority list Ng> facebook


oh, and my fingers are crossed for you... it's painful :3

:3 thanks

Money for art? I didn't think so...

money for HENTAI