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mail to a friend/Thoughts on NG/ some melancholy stuff

Posted by Emanhattan - March 28th, 2012

after a prolongued absence of ng in my life i came back today after hearing about Edd Gould and reading about it all on facebook.... r.i.p. edd

Coming back to Ng for a few minutes led me to opening a 10 day old PM from an old friend. and i think what i wrote was very.... i dont know. i just wanted to share it with you,
my response (slightly edited to remove names/locations/personal details:

Maaaaaan i havent been to this site for so long, its been really weird. as i write this email to you i feel like im in an elderly asylum reunion where im finding out what everyone i knew has been doing with their lives.
in fact, if you can believe this, i juust found out randy solem, one of the first sprite animators DIED about a week ago, it bums me out because without him i probably wouldnt have gotten into this in the first place, and i never would have met you! or talked to tons of other awesome people. without randy solem, i think my life would be really different today.
i also found out earlier today that eddsworld passed away. i dont know the details of his death but while i was not a big fan of his cartoons nor met him personally, it bums me the fuck out to learn that a good guy like that had to leave... :(

its strange and sad and in a way it feels like feeling a family member, when you spend so much time with these folks constructing the spirit of a site or organization, when they are no longer around you TRULY realize what a great guy we all lost.

Its fuckin weird man. its so weird.... how much this site has changed who I am. even if ity sounds very stupid hahaha
its true you know. even if i keep it inside.

Maaaan, im just glad to hear youre doin fine. are you done with --------------------? i think the last time i talked with you was about 2 years ago. i remember well.

sooo much shit has happened since then, ive met a lot of newgrounds people, some of which we have actually made cartoons with (-----------).

im so sorry for my late response, i really dont come here that often these days, but keep lookin! you might find something new by me next summer. when i release my new cartoon i hope that will also get me more involved in the coimmunity again.

anyway i was really happy to recieve this message from you and i hope we talk more often and hopefully crate something again in the future. be well man!
-C. O a.k.a Eman

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Eman :(

It's the price we pay for being human...
Take what we've learned from those been before us and move on, wielding their knowledge to good effect.
Randy was a great writer and Ed was a moral comedian, two things worth aspiring to be.

I too was inspired by Randy in the first place, and it just goes to show you never know when you're time is going to be up, and I've realised that 'now' is the time to push your talents or joys to the limit. I'd love to see everyone come back doing flash stuff, just like old times. It's a shame that so many talented people have let it go to waste, and I was a culprit myself. Only this year have I really started to get back into it and actually finish / upload stuff. Keep inspired bro!


Hey, I remember you.