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Problems with democracy

Posted by Emanhattan - December 17th, 2011

2011.... this year got me really worried about the sanity of people in goverment, and overall sanity of people both in Mexico and in the U.S. Theres something wrong about the way politics are conducted in this system. And i think its because there is a flaw in democracy. Something about elections in both of these countries (both of which i hope the best for) troubles me because i do believe everyone should have a say in how a country is run, but at the same time you cant have democracy in a society where media manipulation clashes with insincere values and ignorance. I think the flaw with democracy is that it assumes that if all votes are equal, then ALL votes will come come from people who are equally as intellectual/informed. But a vote from someone who can be more easily manipulated can equalize the vote of a legit, informed vote.
In my experience, education provided by the goverment is dangeous becuase it doesnt teach you how to be skeptical. And it is so damn dangerous when something like this occurs and the future these countries is in jeopardy.
Remember friends, Ignorance is NEVER bliss. and the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.
If you think american politics are totally out to lunch you should see the guy who will probably win for president of Mexico...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCfmwIM TAfA

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It's not a democracy, it's called Democratic Republic. representatives are elected to cast votes for a mass of people in the area, the people aren't actually voting for anything more than electing him and other politicians. we don't vote on any of the laws

i know
but who put them there

when people say the US is a democracy they are wrong

yeah i know its a republic, Im trying to think more in terms of "everyone still votes but doesnt know what they are voting for"... I dont know how to explain it, but theres democracy inside of a republic? i guess im using that word more in a colloquial sense.... but you know what i mean

Doesn't matter who you elect, you'll get stomped on because they're up there, you're down there and they can save money on you. Politics in this day and age is run strictly by numbers, the psychological and physical wellbeing of the citizens can go fuck itself as far as they are concerned. And those who don't stand for stuff like that will never get big because the government has the money to manipulate the media and make people think that there are no alternatives to their well established corrupt bag of shit of a political party.

ey guess who will be the new Russian president this year?