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Posted by Emanhattan - February 23rd, 2011

How yall been?

Its been some pretty slow months for me. School is extremely demanding and I dont really have the time to finish any flash projects. Altough I feel ive improved a lot, wich im glad about.

I have a lot of ideas that Id like to work on but some of them consume enough time for me to lose my momentum and not want to work. Aditionally, my computer has become consistenly shittier over the course of these 5 months. Its got a really bad bump next to the screen that makes it clank whenever I close it (were talking about a laptop here), and about 75% of its memory is full of shit I probably wont ever again use.

Do you guys consider a 2006 dell laptop with windows xp too archaic by now?

On the other hand, I think im happier around here than Ive ever been. I dont know if I posted about this before but during my 2 first months living in washington I got to live with a creep/packrat/conspiracy theorist and essentially my life has become consistently better ever since I left that place. My new roomies are really chill.

ALSO in a totally unnecessary announcement, a week ago I played Zelda: Wind waker for the firts time, and I plan to beat it TONIGHT heh

So, there you have it. I hope I can come up with a quick spring break short and animate it for you guys. if theres any cool collabs around I might jump in just to get my flash instincts back in action.

And now a picture of my dog laika that I took 5 years ago


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I was going to write a response to your post but the picture distracted me.

its a really good picture

I think you got my problem, too many distractions.

I just got a 47" LCD TV and a PS3, and let me tell you, it took four times longer than usual to make a shitty 15 second flash.

Have you gotten all the STUPID FREAKING triforce pieces out of the ocean yet?

My roomate and I started playing this game on the same day (he had already played it 10 years ago) and he got all of the pieces out before I did. EXCEPT he didnt get all of the unecessary powerups and complete all the side missions that I WILL get because im a pro gamer

I already got like 2 pieces though :)

You're supposed to have left Newgrounds. Dammit man, I told my family about that!

Also, I consider a 2009 Dell laptop with Vista too archaic. But maybe I'm just jealous of my friends' desktop computers with their max settings on every fucking game.

It's cool you're enjoying the US. Got much out of your Digipen course so far?

haha awww.

Its really awesome, Im getting my ass kicked but Im enjoying the challenge, and Im learning a lot of important stuff!

A computer from 2009 would be archaic, then again i guess not everyone can upgrade on a yearly basis.

Pfffffff that ain't archaic- I do all my animating on a 1985 Atari St.

holy shit is that what mexico looks like

like dis but with more bubs

I have to kick out my roommate today. I'm spending most of the day on how to break it to him.

My father have a 2008 Dell and is really shitty to work with heavy software.

Now with the new design sofwares you need as minium 2GB of ram (to run CS5) and to work at confortable speed 4GB of RAM. I suggest you to search for a new good laptop. Is better to use more money in a computer that can work good for 5 year, that buying a cheap one only usefull for 1 year

and the picture is hilarius XD

you should change your name to eseattle since you live nowhere close to manhattan

well I did live in mexico for nearly 2 decades... so for my standarts im pretty close!

WhAt ThA HeLl??!!!?!?!?!


for the longest time i thought you were a mexican living in manhattan

wind waker is very gewd

my computer is older than that. though it's been upgraded since then.